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Sanity and Success Episode 10: Eliminating Pride for Profitable Pivots with Fallon Rice Scott

Jan 09, 2022

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Why this episode for you?

If you think just because you have the skillset, you need to have it all figured out and need to have the authority in everything then you’re going in the wrong direction. Learn to accept uncertainty and allow yourself to be vulnerable to be the version of yourself. It doesn’t make you any less smart. It doesn’t make you less of a person than you already are. 


Episode Summary

Our guest and my good friend, Fallon Rice Scott left Corporate America and her job as a CPA for a Fortune 100 company and pivoted to direct sales and network marketing. After rising to the top of her company within 2 years, she then pivoted to creating her own agency.

A  CPA. A visionary. An advocate of freedom and sustainability. 


Fallon Rice Scott:

I’m a CPA, left corporate America, and went very unconventional with direct sales and network marketing. Did all my student loan debt and basically did very well. 

I've just had all these moments of pivoting and trying to stay partly on purpose and partly in just real life. I left corporate America after just trying to have enough money to pay bills, like a side hustle. I've just always been about freedom.

Often before God pushes where he needs you to be, he strips you. I was so low, so broke. So broken, so embarrassed that there was nothing that you could say to me about being a wrap girl that mattered. Because I needed to pay these bills. 

When I say God burst so much purpose out of pain, it pushed me to this super uncomfortable place that then God was able to use. It was perfect for the season. It changes the directory of our life, my confidence, and all that. God knows what you need before you need it. I never really liked to confirm validation for anything I ever did in my life but God knew that it was going to be a continuous uncertainty.

Losing friends is hurtful but honestly, not really having a place or time or space to process that you're literally just in survival mode. I was at the day I needed to survive. So any other noise didn't matter. And thankfully it worked out. Thankfully, I worked so hard because I didn't know if it was going to work. Once they started working, it didn't matter because at the end of the day, not only was it putting food on my table, but also started changing people's lives.

It’s not just more time and more money in your business but rather have more time and more money to go make more impact. Whether that's being with our family, going and pursuing something else, or writing a book. You're actually helping people to make a difference. And my thing has always been making an impact and sustainability.



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