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Sanity and Success Episode 3: Are You Burned out or Unfulfilled?

Nov 21, 2021

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Episode 3 Summary: 

You’re not burnout, you’re unfulfilled. 

Your burnout is rooted in resistance because you’re holding on to things that you don’t want to carry and might not be consciously aware of it. You’re doing things that drain your energy and you’re not prioritizing what you want. You’re exhausted because you’re fighting yourself everyday and projecting that onto other things.



Why is this episode for you?

If you are feeling burned out, there is probably a mismatch between your work environment and your desires and expectations. This is true whether you’re an employee or an entrepreneur. In this episode, we are going to dive into 5 factors that contribute to burnout and help you assess where you are. 


0:35 What is Burnout?

Social Psychologist Christina Maslach defined burnout as the experience of exhaustion, where the individuals who suffer from it become cynical toward the value of their occupation and doubt their ability to perform. 

While it's not a medical condition, it is something that the World Health Organization has deemed an occupational phenomenon over 60% of people that are working from home are experiencing some form of burnout.


Burnout is categorized by chronic fatigue, due to excessive demands from your workload having a detached attitude for work, and a lack of professional efficacy, aka doubting our ability to be successful or to perform.

6:49 Five Factors of Burnout 

  1. Burnout 
  2. Autonomy
  3. Positive Feedback
  4. Community
  5. Aligned Values 


7:51  Workload

You’re exhausted because you're doing all the things, and you're trying to be consistent. You keep doing more to the point that you’re disrespecting yourself and feeling miserable about it.

10:49:  Autonomy

Are you doing what you want, or what you think you have to do? At work, we sacrifice what we want for a paycheck, but in entrepreneurship, we sacrifice what we want for the idea of success. We build business models that we detest, because of the success we see someone else accomplish.


14:07 Positive Feedback

Are you working a thankless job? Are you aware of the impact you're making? How does not getting positive feedback on social media make you feel about posting? Are you able to separate yourself from what you actually do?


17:08 Community

Do you feel like you always need to be the expert and always have the answers? Do you feel like you are able to hold space for everybody around you but nobody is holding space for you?


20:20 Aligned Values

Do you value freedom, ease, integrity? Is it the way you are running your business? Is the company that you work for a reflection of your values? Or did you compromise those values for the sake of success?

21:43 The takeaway from this episode:

Make sure that you’re aligned and that you’re not compromising your values for the sake of success or money. Once we start to look at what we need as the priority, and our external sources as things that we need to learn to adjust and compromise and communicate around, then we will all be in a much better, less burnout place. 


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