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Sanity and Success Episode 2: How To Exit The Social Media Rat Race

sanity and sucess podcast Nov 14, 2021

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Brief summary of the show:

Social media is exhausting, but you don't need to be a slave to the rat race. You have to understand the intent of your customer and how people find you. Understanding the difference between search and solution-based selling vs. social selling will change how you look at your marketing cycle. 

When you understand marketing, the strategy of customer connection, and the strategy of identifying and overcoming client and customer objections with your content, then you won't feel like you have to constantly run on the wheel like a social media hamster in what I like to call the content creation factory. 




Why this episode is for you? 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, if you've been personally victimized by social media apps, if you're trying to figure out Facebook ads, and all of the things, this is definitely the episode for you. You probably have a voice in your head telling you that you need to do more and you probably want to stop feeling like you have to compete for attention on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 


0:53  Getting out of the social media rat race. 

How you need to think about social media and some of the things to consider in order to get out of the social media rat race. 


2:51 Marketing vs Tactic vs Strategy

When we understand the strategies that we are trying to employ with these tactics, we can start to find what actually works for us. And not only do what we see everybody else is doing, it really frees us to be able to take a step back and think about, okay, if my end goal is to connect with my customer, what is the best way that I can do that, that feels authentic to me, and not just a process that I'm copying, or that I mimicking from somebody that I see online because their results look appealing to me.


5:43  Searching vs Scrolling

Understanding search-based and solution-based selling versus social selling.  


8:30 Social Media is Expiring

Understanding the difference between evergreen permanent perpetual content and expiring timeline feed-based content.


16:40 How to Repurpose and Delegate Your Content

As the CEO and main educator, I'm responsible for making the main piece of content that can be delegated and repurposed by my team.  This allows me to not be burnt out, Because my team is focused on content distribution while I’m focused on content creation. I get to be in my zone of genius, which is coaching and creating content to market our offers and everybody else focuses on all the administrative stuff that stresses me out.


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